New York Series

The New York Series marks the beginning of the Spread the Jam Project. The idea originated in 2011 with New York jammers James Wiseman and Daniel O’Neill. In 2012, with funds from the FPA’s Spread the Jam Grant, director Jordan Haro was flown in from California to begin shooting. What ensued became a story of legend.

The smoothest freestyle in the grittiest of cities. Enjoy.


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West Coast Series

The West Coast Series was begun by director/freestyle frisbee extraordinaire Ryan Young in Seattle, Washington. Ryan joined the Spread the Jam Project as the New York footage was nearing exhaustion (in other words, at the moment when the Daniel/James duo had become anathema to even their most loyal followers).

Thus far the West Coast Series has featured Randy Silvey, the great master of frisbee freestyle. And who could beĀ better?

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The B-Roll

Where perfection goes to die. Freestyle isn’t bridge at grandma’s. Sometimes it doesn’t go well. But more often, as we say, “you fooled the camera man.” Even the best freestyle disc moves don’t turn out as expected on that sweet H.624 codec. Fortunately, there remains one a safe haven for all the lost moments of the STJP.

Right here, baby.

Some check out all the latest test footage, salvage clips, and b-roll

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